Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My chat about Zenler Studio

I saw this tool in an e-newsletter and this tag line caught my attention:

"World's First Fully Integrated Game-Based eLearning Course Development Tool"

I decided to check it out. Their website doesn't provide much by way of samples and comparison, though they do offer a free trial. A pop-up offered to connect me to live support and after my chat I'm still not sure I want to download the trial. Anyone know anything more about this tool?

Marc says:
Welcome to Live Help, how are you today?
Rachel says:
I have some questions about the tool
Is everything from within PowerPoint?
Marc says:
Our software are add-ons for PowerPoint.
Rachel says:
can you publish certain sections of a course or only the entire course?
Are you still there?
Marc says:
the entire course has to be published
Marc says:
Rachel says:
Is the interface customizable?
I don't see any photos or samples of what a finished course might look like - are there any on the website?
Marc says:
You can have our trial version and test it by yourself
Marc says:
it has all the features as the licensed
Rachel says:
Can you create your own templates?
If so, what tools would you use to create the temaplates? Flash? XML? PowerPoint?
Marc says:
you mean to ask about using your own template
Marc says:
yes you can
Rachel says:
What tools or knowledge would you need to make a template?
Marc says:
Rachel says:
Can you also customize the quiz templates?
Marc says:
Yes, But the font might not allign properly in some cases
Rachel says:
Ok, thank you


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