Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Learning Challenge - Day 13

Yesterday I learned something interesting while updating a course in Captivate 4. It appears as though the Table of Contents (TOC) that you can automatically create in the publish settings will leave out any slides without titles unless you access the TOC menu and select otherwise.

I noticed that a few slides weren't appearing and after looking at the timelines and making adjustments, I finally stumbled upon the TOC menu.


From a demo perspective this totally makes sense. If you are familiar with Captivate, you know that when you're recording a demo there are many slides that go into one "movie" and if they each had a line in the TOC it would be a little overwhelming to the user (not to mention that some slides in a demo are a fraction of a second long and wouldn't really deserve their own line).

Now, if you're developing an entire course in Captivate this could prove to be problematic. All of the slides I created in Captivate (even though they look just like the PPT slides I imported) didn't have a title or label.

Easy fix. In the filmstrip view, I double-clicked each slide that didn't have text next to the slide number. This brought me into the properties for that slide where I added a label (note - you can't use the same label more than once) and saved my changes (both in the publish settings and the actual Captivate file).

Pretty easy. I obviously don't use the TOC option very often. Most of the time I publish out pieces of Captivate, Flash, etc and string together with XML. However elementary, I consider this a victory for myself :)

More on the TOC in Captivate 4 available at

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