Friday, April 15, 2011

Location, location, location by Dr. Doll

I am here on the last day of CAC, watching Dr. Doll present. For me this is the highlight of the week. I always learn something new and leave feeling excited and motivated. Here are my notes. He talks fast, so if something below doesn't make sense, please let me know!

The grab bag -random topics

JQuery mobile - tool to build mobile apps with HTML - link shortening tool, interview with one of their developer about privacy and analytic data. They will not sell data. Ly at the end of their name means their site is hosted in Libya. Add a + at the end of a address and you can see the analytic data for access through the URL.

JotForm and Dropbox - create a form which will automatically send a file to your Dropbox

Slideshare - start a meeting through zip cast using your already uploaded PowerPoint. VoIP, chat, broadcast with Twitter or Facebook all with one click.

Why mLearning?
Access no matter where you are.

Phase 2
Contextual, situated and location-aware mLearning

Present and future
Marker-based and markerless tools

Augmented reality - combining real world and virtual data

Word lens
Demo of reverse words - takes a pic of a sign and translates

Apps that recognize where you are through gps and photo and overlays data about locations (restaurants, nearest Starbucks, etc)

Google goggles - take a photo and it analyzes and pulls info from google search
App that "rebuilds ruins" from photo you take

2d codes
-UPC codes, barcodes
QR codes
-Amazon, blog posts, books to go for more info, business cards to go to your online portfolio?
-NYC parks had game using QR codes
-Campus tours?
RFID codes
-Ez pass
-Library management system
-tracking student attendance using student ids
-disney Kim AR game
-campus tours?

Near field communication
-at museum - Cebtre Pompidou SmartMuse - fields in the floor that visitors use their phones to interact with

AR fun - hallmark app


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