Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning Challenge - Day 9

Once again my motivation has found me so very late at night. Or, early in the morning if you're a glass-half-full kinda gal like me. After putting Ivan down, I came downstairs to look for my motivation for tonight's blog posts and in between google searches and trips to the kitchen for fuel I watched "Ip Man".

Soon, I was totally engrossed. I've always been intrigued by martial arts and since meeting my husband, who has studied on and off since childhood, I have a whole new appreciation and respect for this sport which truly is an art.

Instead of focusing on Ip Man, I turned my attention to Wing Chun itself.

I've always loved the story and the science behind this discipline fascinates me.

After Wing Chun rebuffs the local warlord's marriage offer, he says he'll reconsider his proposal if she can beat him in a martial art match. She asks a Buddhist nun- Ng Mui, who was one of the Shaolin Sect survivors, to teach her boxing; this still nameless style enables Yim Wing Chun to defeat the warlord. She thereafter marries Leung Bac-Chou and teaches him the style, which he names after her.
Ivan is stirring, so I'll pause here and hope to continue more tomorrow. Or today...

I added a bit more to this entry... and then my computer crashed. I will say the Wikipedia page above is a great read. I'm also including a video below which is also a great overview of Wing Chun.

PS - also added a new iPad tip on my Day 5 post.


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